5 SEO Mistakes That Wollongong Business Must Avoid

Wollongong has now become a hot destination for business. The credit solely goes to the way in which it has been managed by the relevant authorities. In terms of trade, it gets a significant boost due to its connectivity with Port Kembla Harbour in the Illawarra region, which is located at a distance of 5 kilometres by road. The connectivity of Wollongong has been an economic boon. The locality connects well with the Sydney International Airport. With a distance of just 80 kilometres by road, the commuters find it convenient to visit Wollongong at any time. It is estimated that the connectivity will generate more business in the future. 

The internet is another place to market products or services. It is also another place where Wollongong businesses can experience pitfalls. SEO drives the digital rank of a company, and this is not a secret anymore. Hence, every business in Wollongong must avoid some major SEO mistakes to get better results from the efforts that they put in. 

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5 SEO Mistakes to Evade  

1.   Improper usage of analytics

Analytics tools are present to guide the companies on how they must maintain their content on the internet. Improper usage, or rather no usage at all of the analytics can be dangerous. Analytics provide insights like where the traffic comes from, the keywords to get the maximum positive response, and how much time a visitor spends on the website. 

It is important to know all this information as it comes in handy in the future. If a company knows that a majority of its traffic comes from social media, then it can promote its content more actively on social media rather than any other source. 

2.   Low understanding of search motive

There is always a reason why a user searches for a query on the internet. Understanding what the user wants is the key to succeed in the SEO-ruled digital world. A user may search for “Yoga Mats” for the purpose of buying one. The appearance of an article that shares details about a Yoga class would not help. It would result in a high bounce rate and low return rate. 

Sharing details about Yoga classes would help only if a user searches for them. Yoga Mat, in this case, is considered to be a commercial keyword. This keyword focuses on generating leads and converting them into returning customers. 

3.   Ignoring tags on images

Adding media, especially images, enhances the look of textual content. However, ignoring to add a tag to that image is a major blunder. An image for a search engine is unreadable. Search engines can only read texts, and hence, they are unable to identify the images. To ensure that the images are read and recognized by a search engine, tags must be added to them. 

Tags include alternate text and description. Using keywords in both of them is highly recommended. A search engine reads that text and ranks a website accordingly. Additionally, one must remember to mention the original source of an image in the image description. This builds credibility among the community. 

4.   Not setting campaigns

A campaign can be looked at in commercial terms but the one that we will be talking about is a non-commercial campaign. This refers to a series of posts that are planned in advance to be published on a website. To give a better idea, companies often take note of all the festivals that are coming in the next 2-3 months. They then start promoting their offers on the internet. 

Similarly, a company can set a particular goal, say generating more traffic, and publish scheduled posts based on a single idea. This may be related to setting a hype for a product, a trend that is most common among automobile companies. 

5.   Taking content for granted

SEO relies a lot on the usage of keywords, and it is a major tool to get a higher rank on a search engine. The content that is published on the internet plays a significant role. It often happens that a company focuses a lot on keywords and ignores the primary content. This goes to the extent that the content remains irrelevant to the keywords. 

One such practice is inserting or mentioning a keyword forcefully in the content. If your keyword is laptop, but your content is about smartphones, then linking both of them forcefully is a bad idea. 

Final Words

Out of several SEO mistakes, these are some common ones that a business in Wollongong must avoid. Continuing to make the mistakes will hurt the search visibility of your site and invariably impacts your sales.