The Success Of The South Bangla Road Project Is A Major Component Of The Success Of Sobha Town Park

The upcoming brand new facility in Gurgaon/India, called as Sobha Town Park promises to be a truly special place for property buyers. As per the recent reports, Sobha Attibele is being planned by an elite group of Indian real estate companies and it will be located in Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi. In fact, it is going to be the biggest project of the current phase of Gurgaon development. As per the projects managing committee, the dream project of this amazing new project will have the status of being the future corporate capital of Gurgaon.

Sobha Arena The Park and The Plaza, Kanakapura Main Road, Bengaluru – Indus  NRI Services

The idea behind such a creation was conceived when the managing committee and the construction experts took a close look at the current situation of the property market scenario in India and Gurgaon. Realizing that the south of the country is not doing too well in terms of commercial, real estate opportunities, the company decided to create a unique residential project. It is an intangible residential structure that rightly stands up on its own as a true residential entity. It s a completely new pre launch housing scheme by reputed developing groups of Sobha Limited that offers 2,3 BHK premium flats with all the modern facilities that you will get in a 5 star hotel. All the flats are fully furnished with modern amenities like round the clock room service, Wi-Fi connectivity, safe deposit box, secure parking, car-hire, conference/meeting facility, swimming pool etc. There are also some extra facilities like car/boat hire, trekking/beaching facility and golf course.

If you visit the site now, you can feel that the entire development is very much different from the rest of the projects in terms of the design and feel. The unique character of the project is what has attracted real estate developers in India. In addition to that, the premium properties like duplex apartments, row houses, luxury villas, and posh bungalows have been specifically designed and constructed by the team. Apart from this, the companies have also kept in mind to ensure that the project is eco-friendly and offers a lot of green space to the residents.

The residents of sobha town park have a lot to look forward for. They have access to the shopping malls and the busy bazaars around the vicinity, and they also get access to the beautiful and lively south Bangalore road. The residents also get to enjoy the recreational facilities like swimming pool, fitness club, barbeque, children play area, game arcade, sundeck, nature reserve and so on. The property also has two restaurants, a fitness club and a cinema hall in it, which is not something that you would find in any other part of Bangalore.

The success of the South Bangla Road project is due to the efforts of the developers. They have worked upon this plan for a long time and they have kept on refining it till the day when they finally launched it. This plan was first implemented in 2001, when the first units were sold off in just one month. Now, almost all the developments have taken off well, especially considering that the demand for housing in Bangalore is increasing by the day. The residents are all fully satisfied with this project, and no one is trying to take their houses away anyhow.

The developers are fully aware of the benefits that they are offering. Hence, they have not added anything to the cost of the project. The project’s cost was increased because the roads were constructed many years back, but nothing has been done regarding the maintenance and the wiring. Hence, the only thing that has been increased in the expense is the electricity bill.